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PinePhone Multiboot Chip (uSD card with p-boot bootloader, 15 images in 1)

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This is a plug and play solution that includes everything you need to get you up and running immediately! Explore the capabilities of your PinePhone, quickly check/test for carrier compatibility without wasting time flashing individual OS images!  

As recognition of his contributions a portion of proceeds are shared directly with Megi, thank you for directly supporting the creators of FOSS software! Not compatible with the PinePhone Pro. The PinePhone is NOT included and sold separately.

Included is Megi's p-boot installed onto a 32/64/128/256GB microSD card containing 15 different distributions (adapter included):

    • Arch Linux ARM 2021-11-20
    • Arch Linux ARM / dreemurrs 20220124
    • Fedora 0.6.0
    • LuneOS 20220108
    • Maemo Leste 20220123
    • Manjaro / Phosh beta21
    • Manjaro / Plasma beta10
    • Mobian 20220116
    • pmOS / Plasma Desktop 2022-01-07
    • pmOS / GNOME 2022-01-07
    • pmOS / Plasma Mobile v21.12-20220119
    • pmOS / Phosh v21.12-20220119
    • Sailfish 20220112
    • pmOS / Sxmo v21.12-20220119
    • Ubuntu Touch 2022-01-20
    • jumpdrive 0.8
    • This page contains a list of all available OS releases for the PinePhone, as well as links to other resources.
    • All passwords were changed to 1111. Root passwords are 1111. sxmo login/password is user/1111. With rc1 image Manjaro password is 123456.

    Watch the video to learn more. 


    The volume buttons toggle through the Operating System options and the power button selects. A video showing how to insert an uSD card can be found here. The privacy mode walkthrough may also be of interest. Detailed usage instructions can be found here and in your product insert.

    The Kingston 32GB microSDHC Canvas Select Plus 100R A1 C10 Card+ADP) included is double what is required for purpose of multiboot but I bought a shipment on sale. Later you can reuse the memory for photos, videos or other storage needs. Compatible in phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, video cameras, and other devices like the Nintendo Switch, so long as they have a microSD or SD card slot.

     * The entirety of the proceeds in 2021, less monthly subscription/hosting costs will be gifted to Megi. There are also significant shipping costs, credit card transaction fees, packaging, time & labor, (which I will not account for) etc. but the basic idea is that I cover my costs and keep this service sustainable. Megi's official blessing/endorsement can be found on his site

    I have bigger and better plans for multiboot in 2022, please subscribe to the blog/newsletter for updates and thank you for your support!

    I bought uSD in bulk (wholesale) and can extend cheaper offerings, albeit without the attractive retail packaging or SD card adapter. The adapter is useful if you have other devices that have a full sized SD card slot but not necessary if the usage is exclusive to the PinePhone. The retail package is attractive unnecessary; basically wholesale order purchase comes in 3-pack which is discarded. Amazon dubs this "frustration-free".

    Minimalist: Most cost effective multiboot on a Kingston 32 GB SD card. Does not include an adapter, product insert or retail packaging. The idea is to save money and time with the bare essentials.

    Blank 32 GB uSD card with no frills. Optimized to be cost competitive with eCommerce retailers, shipping is included/free. Does not include the SD card adapter retail packaging. The idea is to just make this easy and brain-dead, save time from price shopping and just click if you need a cheap 32GB SD card.

    Warning: I test on a KDE Community Edition PinePhone and one customer has reported issues with a Manjaro CE device. In theory "PinePhone v1.2b – Manjaro Community Edition, KDE Community Edition, Mobian Community Edition and Beta Edition" should all be supported but I am going to investigate and resolve this issue. A full list of currently known issues can be found here.


    PinePhone Multiboot Chip (uSD card with p-boot bootloader, 15 images in 1)