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    About bitcompact

    The year is 2022. Privacy, marriage, and Kobe Bryant are dead. Social media and adtech run rampant as people rejoice, making money and openly exposing themselves and their data on the likes of OnlyFans and Instagram. Meanwhile some dude is trying to sell software like it's 1999......

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions; for the past decade we’ve been speeding towards a dystopian path that enables a surveillance society.

    The smartphone landscape is dominated by the duopoly of iOS and Android. Traditionally tools existed to serve the user but the modern paradigm is that users now serve our tools. 

    Ad tech and computing have become massive pay for play industries to the tune of billions of dollars. Profits/shareholders and the corporation come first with users coming further down the line as an afterthought. As a result applications steal our data, focus and attention. Operating systems have become spyware, dark patterns and advertisement grow increasingly pervasive and hostile. As a user you often lose control and suffer abuse from popular SaaS based subscription based services.

    We need viable alternatives that don't violate your privacy, security and freedom! Enter PinePhone. The PinePhone was created from the ground-up with open source software, personal freedom and privacy in mind. It runs mainline Linux, incorporates mechanical privacy switches, and supports a wide range of GSM and CDMA bands worldwide. Starting from $150 USD the PinePhone is an affordable, viable alternative to iOS and Android.

    At bitcompact we sell PinePhone peripheral products including (Megi's Multiboot) with a focus on fast fulfillment by Amazon FBA in the USA and Canada.

    This is an ongoing battle between the Pine64 community versus giants corporations like Samsung and Apple. Come join the grassroots movement, tens of thousands of enthusiasts across the globe and help build the future you want to live in!

    Welcome to bitcompact!

    This site is primarily about the proliferation of PinePhone and other FOSS projects. The intention is to sell quality, ethical product in USA and Canada and contribute to the Linux on Mobile ecosystem. We compete by offering "better" technology, (pro-user, anti-adtech as much as it is possible in E-Commerce) fast fulfillment, and a reasonable level of service in terms of knowledge, though not necessarily customer service. Better is better from a software security and privacy enthusiast's perspective and I look up to owner operated companies/services like AnonAddy as inspiration, not Big Tech. Our culture or DNA is more driven by engineering and product development than sales and marketing, compared to other retailers.

    About Me

    I come from the Net

    Through systems peoples and cities to this place Mainframe
    My format Guardian
    To mend and defend
    To defend my new found friends
    Their hopes and dreams
    To defend them from their enemies


    As a software engineer and entrepreneur, I grew up in the golden age of computing when we had standards, wrote & appreciated quality software, and I know there are better ways of doing business. We aspire to be the best, not the biggest, think more Mullvad and less ExpressVPN. As a business we strive to deliver quality software and value, operate with integrity, and strive to constantly improve our products/services and give back to the community wherever possible. bitcompact is owner operated and we are an official Canadian affiliate of Pine64 as a wholesale buyer and community member. This is truly independent outfit. Individuals with my personality type are generally not afraid of facing themselves, the world or inevitable oblivion on my own. Like any good programmer I utilize the toolsets of a rational and analytical mind to navigate life’s pitfalls, and am capable of making objective decisions not driven by investors or capital. Examples of companies that I respect and admire are AnonAddy and Amazon. (or at least their Leadership Principles) In general I think it is important to make things better, wherever you are, however you can, and never lower your standards. Together let's kick butt, have fun, love our customers/avoid cheating and change computing forever!

    You can find me on Discord beeboopbeep#0557 (I'm often lurking about the Pine64 voice chat) or email me at You can even ping me on WhatsApp but I may not respond to unsolicited calls. Hired help will operate as their first.lastname or


    Shipping & Delivery

    We ship primarily to the USA and Canada, delivery standard for regular mail sent from Canada to the U.S.A. is 4-6 business days under normal circumstances. (International fulfillment is an option, taking about four to seven business days.)

    All packages are shipped out within 3 business days if order is placed before 12PM MST.



    2 Business Days: USA, Canada and 3 Business Days internationally!

    Hours of Operation:

    Official operating hours are from 9am-5pm weekdays (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada). In practice I'm always available but fulfillment cut-off is 2pm on weekdays.


    Please send any comments and feedback to

    bitcompact is owner operated. Any purchases or donations made will directly support operating expenses and authors of our products and services. Thank you for supporting FOSS software and making the conscious decision to support a small business! Without you, I would probably be working for the The Man/Big Tech building adtech to take over the world, selling souls to the highest bidder. A public roadmap of things coming down the pipeline can be found here.

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