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    Careers at bitcompact

    Is it almost too good to be true? Get paid to help build up and launch an online business! 
    Dear Alberta friends,

    bitcompact is actively recruiting for the position of E-Commerce Associate (Digital Marketing and Amazon FBA specialist)

    Do you know a current student or recent Alberta graduate who is interested in a paid part-time remote work-term ($20+/hour) starting January 2023 thru to May (end date is flexible) at the intersection of eCommerce, digital marketing, and software development?

    I can offer an engaging project and valuable work experience to the candidate in the areas of:
    • E-Commerce
    • Digital Marketing and Sales
    • Software Development
    • Sales and marketing
    • User Interface Design
    • Customer Experience
    • Product Marketing and Communications
    • Product Design and Documentation
    If this is of interest please reach out! Message me here or email a resume/portfolio to  Please pass this page along to anyone you know who might be interested.

    Some additional details are provided in the comments below but I need to see who and what I am working with before I can create the project and scope. The best thing to do is to get in touch ASAP.
    The candidate must meet the following ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA:
    • current STUDENTS or recent graduates (within 6 months of graduation)
    • Living in Alberta and enrolled at an Alberta POST-SECONDARY
    institution (in any faculty and at any level of study)
    • at least 18 YEARS OF AGE and eligible to work in Alberta
    • able to work 10 HOURS / WEEK FOR 20 WEEKS (July 5 –November 30)
    • able to attend 2.5 additional hours per week, for PROFESSIONAL
    DEVELOPMENT sessions

    Please have a look at for more details regarding this particular grant and reach out to if you're interested, thanks!
    Nov 9, 2021 update: Received some very good news! "Congratulations – Your Alberta Tech Company has been accepted to the next stage of the Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program!" Very nice, you can read about the details here!

    The candidate would also be eligible for training and funding from other sources, compensation will be scaled to ability to deliver results/output, which are not limited to grant/funding programs.
    Canada Alberta Job Grant: Any external training, including post-secondary tuition costs. Suggestions for eCommerce/Digital Marketing training:

    You can make a fairly reasonable wage, engaging project/work experience, mentorship and flexibility that I believe would be difficult to find anywhere else......


    We are actively recruiting for:

    E-Commerce Associate (Digital Marketing and Amazon FBA specialist)


    This is a possibility (not the priority this round) but we're still collecting resumes for the position of: Linux Programmer Intern

    WIL Digital Subsidy