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    TechFest 2023

    At bitcompact we are primarily in the business of mobile Linux. We sell the PinePhone and peripheral products with a focus on fast fulfillment within Canada and the USA. We can offer opportunities in open source software development and Linux programming but are primarily interested in existing community contributors, with strong and proven track records in Linux programming.
    The company also does significant Amazon FBA selling, not necessarily limited to electronics, and can offer eCommerce opportunities selling consumer goods on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.
    We're actively recruiting part-time students for roles/duties requiring a combination of digital marketing and business development skills. Our positions are flexible, remote, training provided in the form of "Marketplace Superheroes" modules, with a focus on product sourcing via the wholesale retail model.
    A previous position for E-Commerce Associate (Digital Marketing and Amazon FBA specialist was listed here. The posting has not been updated to reflect changes in 2023 but it should still provide a rough idea of what is needed to succeed in this role.
    Please email for any TechFest 2023 inquiries. We'll retain all resumes on record for recruitment purposes as funding becomes available. Please see the upcoming Technology Alberta Jobs Programs - Jobseeker Info Session this Thursday February 9, 2023 if you're seeking a position this Winter semester.
    Thank you for your interest!