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    Known Issues

    Mislabeled Demo Image Bug
    Although it may say "Distro Demo Image 2021-10-01" the images are actually the latest stable available. Notice that several were generated in 2022.
    Problems with sandisk sd cards on the PPP
    i have a sandisk sd card too, affects me as well so can confirm it seems to hit sandisk sd cards
    Pine64 Protocol Droid
    [I] <dsimic> hmm, that's very interesting
    [I] <dsimic> is your SanDisk microSD card also A2-rated?
    mine is a sandisk ultra 400GB which has an A1 rating
    Pine64 Protocol Droid
    [I] <dsimic> I made a note to have a detailed look at that once I'm back to debugging issues with microSD card

    I have the same issue on 5.15 kernel. 5.13 suspends correctly. The issue seems to be related to SD card. I'm running Mobian from eMMC, but with SD card as an additional storage. If I plug out SD card, then suspend works on 5.15. Used SD card is SDXC, Sandisk Extreme Pro 64Gb.