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    E-Commerce Associate (Digital Marketing and Amazon FBA specialist)

    Hi there! Are you (or maybe somebody you know) interested in digital marketing and E-Commerce, namely selling products on Amazon? No experience is necessary but you have to be willing to learn Amazon FBA and work hard. Key areas you would be responsible for include:
    • Customer Service
    • Marketing (PPC, List Building, Social Media)
    • Listing Optimization
    • Launching (New Products)
    • Inventory Management & Supplier Management
    • Administration (Accounting, Data Entry)
    • Which unique products to sell
    • Where to find reliable vendors
    • How to create & run ads
    • How to build complicated funnels
    • How to automate the sales process


      We will work through the Amazing Selling Machine (Amazon FBA course) together and apply the material in the context of bitcompact or some other product/store/brand. Think of this being akin to Google Summer of Code but for digital marketers, an opportunity to develop a very marketable skillset with no risk and earn money while building a business.

      Ideally this is not going to be your typical 9-5 or corporate gig and I am seeking a self-starter, co-founder type to help build a business. (One can dream ;) This requires the ability to be self-driven and relatively independent as my background and focus will be biased towards technology and computer programming, not E-Commerce. So you will need to be able to figure some things out as I will not be able to hold your hand through all the nitty gritty detail. This is a startup and comes with all that entails..... You have to kick-ass, not kiss ass to get ahead. Please don't apply if you are Wagie Wojak!

      I recommend starting off with Tatiana James' Youtube channel to get an idea of what you would be getting into, shown below. There should be ample support and content on the web for getting into Amazon FBA but I've also found mentorship/guidance in the form of a senior marketing professional working on a contract basis, as well as the coaches and community available through the Amazing Selling Machine, an Amazon FBA course. The coaches will be made available on a weekly basis to answer questions, unblock/assist with problems, set you straight for the next week, etc. and naturally I will always be available to to assist.


      If you are a current or recent Alberta graduate then funding has been secured through the Technology Alberta - FIRST Jobs grant. We will work through ASM together and apply the material in the context of bitcompact or some other product/store/brand. Think of this being akin to Google Summer of Code but for digital marketers, an opportunity to develop a very marketable skillset with minimal risk and earn money while building a business.

      E-Commerce Associate (Digital Marketing and Amazon FBA specialist)

      Posting Details

      Remote first
      Part-time Position (10 hrs/week)
      Number of Openings: 1                   


      ○ High school or equivalent              


      Starting at $20/hr
      On the job training; access to courses like Amazing Selling Machine
      Employee discount

      Job Description

      E-Commerce Operations

      • Create, manage and maintain product pages on various online marketplaces
      • Maintain and maintain E-Commerce website (

      Digital Marketing

      • Create and run online advertising campaigns
      • Use social media channels to engage with customers
      • Create digital marketing content


        • Use digital marketplace software operate and maintain website (Amazon Merchant/FBA, WalMart, Shopify, eBay)
        • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook), especially with Excel   
        • Channel Advisor (create listings, templates, attributes, labels, mapping) is a plus
        • Adobe Photoshop is a plus       
            Interview Scheduling: Casual 15 minute chat over phone or Zoom to ask questions, get a sense of what you need, what I am offering and determine alignment/fit. Please carefully read and follow the instructions below. 

             Interview success can depend on how you schedule interviews. Here’s how (

            Tasks in the months to come:

            Crafting the Perfect Product Listing
            Strategic Keyword Research
            Creating a Traffic Grabbing Product Title
            Bullet Points that Sell and Differentiate
            Creating a Compelling Product Description
            Product Images that Attract and Convert
            Updating your Listing
            Turning on Automatic Reviews
            Learning about the Amazon Launch Process
            Prioritizing Keywords for Launch
            Calculating Launch Targets
            Setting up a PPC Campaign
            Setting up Rebate Launch Campaign
            Optimizing Price Against Sales and Rank
            Sustaining Rank Profitability
            Managing Inventory, Reordering and Regaining Rank


            Amazon experience and formal credentials are not necessary but you need to be clear about what you bringing to the table, as this is a bootstrapped startup and we cannot afford to carry any dead weight. How can you contribute? Is it skills, talent, experience, or something else? What exactly can you bring to the table? You have to be able to pull your own weight, and more to justify the expense of your salary. Larger companies can afford to make mistakes but we can't. Businesses/money making is a numbers game and although we're profitable the numbers are small and we need to scale up. Try to put yourself in the owner's shoes. It's not about your needs (I am not looking to to hire an employee, but to build/grow a business) Show me what you've got!



            The hard truth of the matter is that most people are just average at their jobs, at best. Assuming you even like your job in the first place, you probably won't ever excel beyond average. That's the definition of average. It's what most people are, it's a single data point compared against a population of data points. Some people will be exceptionally bad, most people will be average, and some people will be exceptionally good. A familiar cousin of this idea is the Pareto principle.

            80% of all results can be attributed to 20% of the sources. In other words, there is a good chance you aren't responsible for much at your job. It's probably not your fault either, it's just how things work out. A few people will call the shots, they will have their inner circle, and everyone else is just warm bodies in a seat. Engineers at Google aren't all personally meeting with Sergey and Larry everyday. A couple of top managers will be talking with the bosses, they will each have their own few henchmen who they rely on to do everything, and those few will be the ones who get the big bonuses, the promotions, and the recognition. But the alternative is pure dysfunctional chaos where too many people are shouting into the void and no one is heard or recognized.

            If we were all "all-stars" then no one would be an all-star. Sure we can all be considered to an extent "good" at our jobs, but the people who really make vast wide-sweeping changes for the better are far and few. Most security professionals probably aren't writing white papers for new security protocols on a daily basis. Most probably wouldn't write one in their entire lives. Just like most scientists won't ever have anything published in a scientific journal. Just like most CEOs will never manage a company worth more than $100,000 dollars. Just like most video game programmers will never work on a AAA title. Just like most rock climbers will never climb Mount Everest.