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    Work Journalling/Log

    Feb 24, 2024

    Try to troubleshoot etransfer issues

    November 15

    Update Pinecil HSCode

    Rec Room 


    Quang Nguyen - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


    Calgary, Alberta, CanadaMechanical
    Quang Nguyen. Mechanical Engineer, P. Eng. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 64 followers 64 connections.

    October 27


    President's choice mastercard


     l ibrary books

    October 26

    Powering Possibility for Small Businesses in Alberta

    Ecommerce small biz BC


    October 18

    Shipped out CAD

    October 17

    Shipped out Naruto and books

    October 1

    October 13

    October 12

    Parents fly out

    October 11

    October 10

    October 9

    Start cleaning up bonus room toys count inventory 

    Thu, Oct 5, 9:20 AM (3 days ago) to me Eventbrite Steppingstones of E-Commerce: Part 1 – Expanding into E-Commerce is about to start