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    PINE64 Affiliates Retail store


    Sunday, November 26, 2023

    Random ramblings for the holiday season:

    Dear customer,

    Having been overly focused on Amazon FBA selling, I find myself poorly prepared with PINE64 at this point in Q4, as we are currently out of stock for the Pinecil, However, I think we can still salvage the situation and make the most of this holiday season by offering a wonderful deal for all.

    For you as a Canadian consumer, I think this means procuring a Pinecil at a competitive price before Christmas. Although we don't have any inventory on hand/in stock right now, I am going to reach out to PINE64 today and procure a large amount of Pinecil supply/inventory. It is a little bit scary/risky to do a "big buy", holding far more inventory than I am normally comfortable carrying but I believe this is the way that distributors in the supply chain has done things, and everything makes sense in theory.

    However, I think this is a good time/opportunity to try to do a pilot project and offer the Pinecil at a competitive price with minimal margin. If you hit the "notify me" button, you can express your interest and it can give me some confidence so that I can guarantee you this competitive price. (suggested MSRP of 40 United States Dollar equals 54.58 Canadian Dollar) I will notify you once we are in stock again.

    I am going to think about this carefully throughout today but I think timeline it should be possible to procure more inventory by end of month and get the Pinecil in the hands of Canadian customers before Christmas. The store develops in a positive (competitive) direction, putting it in a better position for next year and everyone is winning.

    For the remainder of the year and rest of the holiday season, I plan to streamline store operations, reprice all SKUs to be competitive and in line with MSRP. It's not the same selling season like the Amazon selling/side of things but an opportunity to build a better store. So that makes sense to me and hopefully it makes some sense to everyone else as well. I've probably written/shared far too much but I wanted to paint a picture of what is going on and where we are going. Thank you for the support. Happy Holidays to you and your family.