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Amazon FBA Wholesale Associate

We’re looking for an Amazon FBA Wholesale Associate. --Not private label.

Must have experience with Amazon FBA.
Must be able to manage the entire Amazon Seller account without getting us banned.
Must be able to follow through with customer service and keeping customers happy.
Must keep spreadsheets of product research, orders, fees and profits.
Must complete 40 hours each week using Time Doctor app

• Access to courses like The Wholesale Formula (for training on sourcing and scouting) and JungleScout subscription
Flexible hours - Choose your hours
Work from home
Must have your own working computer
Must have high speed internet
40 hours of work each week
Must be willing to learn and take assignments
Must perform some virtual assistant duties
Must communicate through Basecamp app
Must perform well as a team
Must meet deadlines 100% of the time

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Message me with:
1. Amazon FBA wholesale experience (not private label)
2. Any Amazon courses you’ve taken
3. Your favorite Amazon Selling tools/softwares
4. If you have successfully signed up for wholesale/distributor accounts previously
5. If you have a list of previous wholesalers/distributors from previous bosses (you don’t have to reveal the list right now)