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    PinePhone/PinePhone Pro Keyboard

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    The keyboard case is compatible with both the PinePhone and PinePhone Pro and features a clam-shell design. It uses pogo pins located on the smartphone’s midsection and attaches by replacing the default back cover. This add-on effectively turns the PinePhone (Pro) into a PDA with an in-built LTE modem.

    The keyboard case is supported by multiple mobile Linux operating systems including, but not limited to: Manjaro Linux, DanctNIX Arch Linux, postmarketOS and Mobian.

    The keyboard case’s main features include:

    • Easily relocated keycaps for alternate layouts such as AZERTY or QWERTZ (Default)
    • A large (6000mAh) internal battery capable of charging the PinePhone (Pro); the battery can be manually toggled ON/OFF
    • A programmable open firmware by Megi
    • USB-C port capable of simultaneously charging the keyboard case and PinePhone (Pro)
    • Access to all external PinePhone (Pro) features and functionality
    • An understated and unbranded design; chassis are gloss black while the keycaps are dark matte gray

    • Black chassis
    • Matte dark gray key caps
    • Dimensions (closed): 161 x 95 x 21.5mm
    • Weight (without PinePhone /Pro): ~191 grams
    • Number of keys: 54
    • Number of key rows: 5
    • ISO QWERTY layout (key caps can be rearranged)
    • Pogo pin connector
    • 6000mAh internal battery with manual ON/OFF toggle
    • USB-C for charging, capable of powering the case and PinePhone (Pro)
    • Open and programmable firmware
    • Unpopulated internal USB header for hacking in additional functionality
    Key internal components
    • IP5209 charging controller
    • EM85F684A USB controller
    • USB-C power-in (no data) – 3A@5V
    • Pogo pin connector
    • Internal USB 2.0 unpopulated header
    • Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro
    PinePhone/PinePhone Pro Keyboard