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    Thousands of open-source projects taken down by disgruntled developer

    "Two open source libraries GitHub have been purposefully corrupted by their author, and as a result, thousands of open-source projects were bricked. The author says he did it because he no longer wants to create free code for commercial companies making millions."
    Please see
    This post, and how it explains that there's 30 people working there now, made me realize that if I care about signal continuing (and I do, since I really like it, especially that it has a dedicated desktop client), that I should see how it makes money and whether that's sustainable. Turns out it's donations, and now I'm a donor through monthly charges through the mobile app. I actually opted for that specifically because their web site noted that they can't give you a badge in the app if you donate online, and I thought showing the badge would be a good way for other people to see and inquire about, and hopefully realize they can donate too if they care to.

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