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    Google Ads suspended me and turned a deaf ear (

    The biggest indicator of a monopoly is when they can treat customers like garbage and keep doing business anyway.

    Google suspended the Ads account of our largest agency client ($20,000 per day) with no explanation other than a vague “policy violation”. They steadfastly refused to explain how the policy was violated or what we could do to come into compliance.

    We contacted attorneys, wrote letters to Google executives, begged, pleaded. In the end our client fired us and they went back to their old agency.

    Later we learned their old agency paid off a Google insider to flag our client’s account resulting in suspension.

    Of course, we could never speak to a human being at Google and explain this. One day, the truth about Google Ads (and Facebook) will come out, which is that it is all 85% fraud anyway. Save your money.

    Today, we no longer do business with Google Ads or Facebook. Given these companies make up 95% of digital ad spending, it’s fair to say we are no longer a digital ad agency. We’ve adapted to market around big tech, whether they like it or not.

    With “partners” like Google and Facebook, who needs enemies?

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