Pinecil v2
Pinecil v2
Pinecil v2
Pinecil v2
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Pinecil v2

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A RISC-V Soldering Iron Running an Open Firmware

The Pinecil (V2) is a smart mini portable soldering iron with a 32-bit RISC-V SoC featuring a sleek design, auto standby and it heats up to an operating temperature in just 13 seconds with sufficiently powerful PSU!

  • Dual power input design: 1) USB-C supports both PD and QC 3.0 and; 2) DC5525 barrel DC jack.
  • Speedy Rapid Warmup: Reaches operating temperature in 13 seconds. Support for on-demand rapid boost feature.
  • Adjustable soldering tip temperature which can be set between 100° C and 400° C using the adjustment buttons and an easy-to-read OLED display.
  • Portable: it features a sleek and slim design.
  • Auto standby mode engages when it is not in use ensuring the user safety.


  • Supply Power: the USB-C port, connected to any supply, is enough power to show the display screen, but not necessarily enough to heat the tip.
    1. USB port at 5 volts (i.e., laptop) shows DC Low, this is enough for firmware updates and to view the menu, but not to run the soldering iron.
    2. See Power section for details on power options. QC 12V phone chargers will not work, too weak
  • You may consider purchasing a PinePower, soldering iron tips, and a portable Pinecil mini-stand along with the soldering iron.

    • Dimensions: 15cm x 9cm x 2.2cm
    • Weight: 80 grams
    • Dimensions:  155mm with solder tip / 103mm without solder tip x 12.8mm x 16.2mm
    • Weight: 28g with solder tip / 18g without solder tip
    • Build:  Plastic with metal clip (Handle)
    • Color: Black (case)/ Green (Sleeve)
    • OS: Ralim’s IronOS build
    • Chipset: Bouffalo BL-706
    • CPU: 32-bit RV32IMAFC RISC-V “SiFive E24 Core” @ 144 MHz
    • Type: OLED White Colour Monochrome Display
    • Size: 0.69 inches
    • Resolution: 96x16pixels
    • Internal Flash Memory: 192KB
    • System Memory: 132KB SRAM
    • Expansion: None
    • USB type C: PD and QC 3.0 12V-20V 3A
    • Barrel Jack: DC5525, 12V-24V DC 3A
    • Type B2
    • Length: 86mm
    • Weight: 8.2g
    • Capable received power from either USB-C port or barrel jack.
    • GPIO break-out thru USB-C port
    • FCC
    • CE RED
    • ROHS
    • Pinecil Soldering Iron
    • ST (Short Tip)-B2 Soldering Tip
    Please see the Pinecil wiki page for more detailed information.
    Great intro video for newbies.
    This comprehensive video introduces version 1 of the Pinecil but the content is excellent and still very relevant and recommended.