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    Return policy research

    Here's what I wrote on the day of the return. I'm going to do some further research once I can take a break from selling. I think there should be some restocking fee but I'm not sure what exactly it should be. If you have input I would be interested in hearing from you, since I have to take many factors into consideration.

    As far as refund policy goes, the two things immediately come to forefront about are fairness and sustainability. Creating sensible policy not something I can make on a whim or take lightly because I have to think about the customer, company, competition, competitive landscape and long term viability/sustainability. I haven't even found the time to properly price these new products, or even create listings for the PineTime for inventory that I already have on hand.

    In this case it feels extremely wasteful to have all these people go to work on a whim over a long weekend. When I look at the Purolator tracker I can see that after the items were packed and delivered, they were transferred to a plane and then a truck and now the whole process is repeated.

    All in all, I'm pretty sure at least 8 people handled/processed this order in one way or another, and the global supply chain is something of a modern miracle. In my case I also ordered supplies (such as boxes, packing peanuts are en route as a substitute to the newspaper).

    When you see all the workings behind the scenes a return is something of a tragedy/burden that businesses and the environment bear the brunt of. These items literally came from China and were delivered to your front door and arrived without defect/damage without so much as a dent on the box, it might be hard to appreciate what an achievement this is.

    I don't want to rant and rave but these are some of my initial thoughts and feelings as a seller. But I'm open to some suggestions from your perspective as a customer. You are already familiar with RMA process



    When you return an item to Amazon, they ask you the reason why. If it's a valid reason such as it arrived damaged, late, or something else that is their fault, there is no charge for the return. If you changed your mind, you have to pay for return shipping which varies depending on the size/weight of the package.

    This has not changed recently and you can read the details on the policy here: ... eId=915466

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