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    Pinecil Kit

    Hi there! I'm in the process of adding courier options and implementing real-time dynamic shipping rates so if the markup seems high just send me an email with which items you want, and I'll make sure you get what you need at a reasonable price. I'm a little less able to manage shipping costs when it comes to international orders but please reach out (preferably before you order) and I'll see what I am able to do. I'm aiming to have priced everything properly before Christmas.

    For the PineTime and all it's variants please dig through here until I am better able to organize the storefront. Some recommended Pinecil accessories include:

    • Red silicone PD60 usb-C to C cables (great for soldering as they will not melt/smoke if touched accidentally). There are 1.0 and 1.5 meter variants available.

    • Consider acquiring a proper set of soldering iron tips. See the following article for the recommendations that follow.
      1. Choose a tip that is compatible with your soldering iron.
      2. Determine the type based on whether you wish to do detailed work, general-purpose soldering, or drag soldering.
      3. Determine the size – if it’s too small, there will not be enough heat transfer and if it is too large, you could damage the board.

      If you are just learning how to solder, then avoid choosing a conical tip. Beginners tend to apply more pressure aiming to increase the flow of solder – a classic mistake that can end up damaging the board.

      Choose a chisel tip that is ideal for through-hole, wire, de-soldering, and surface mounts.

    • Consider getting a 45W - 65W USB PD power supply (like the PinePower) or power bank, and the Pinecil will be capable of heating up to 325c in about 11 seconds.
    • Acquiring replacement parts:
      Copper contacts replacement contacts: ( handle case does not include contacts).
      Black and Clear Handles come with Silicone sleeve.
    • Heat resistant gloves, solder, portable mini stand.
    • Screwdriver. Some people might just want a thumb screw for the Top of the tip as this is what holds the tip tight. The stock screws are tiny Phillips, do not over-tighten as they will strip or head will break off. They could be replaced with stainless steel hex or allen head screws, two in front are M2x3mm and one rear is the ground screw and it is a little longer, M2x4mm. However when I replaced my tip top screw with the Thumb screw I found that M2x4mm or M2x3.5mm worked better as the 3mm could not tighten enough.
    • Pinecil Wiki has many recommendations & other info.

    For newbies here is an introductory Soldering 101 video, where you can also compare the Pinecil to more traditional/basic and less innovative soldering irons. Overall this is possibly the best portable soldering iron at a very low and affordable price.

    For the experienced electronics enthusiast here is a great video with a excellent runthrough of all the Pinecil's capabilities.


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